Major countries in the pangolin trade

Pangolins are the most traded mammals in the world. Their numbers are decreasing sharply and it is essential to understand the major players involved. In this visualization, each dot is an instance where pangolin was being traded involving a specific country. We can see that India has the most number of trade instances related to pangolins, followed by Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and China. According to known pangolin distributions and knowledge on pangolin demand, it can be suggested that India is a major exporter, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand may be both major export and transit countries, and China and Vietnam the major consumer countries.

Illegal data is difficult to come by, so less direct means are needed to get a grasp of the situation. The Wildlife Heatmap is a website that serves articles related to the illegal wildlife trade, and its data is obtained by means of a web crawler. The website is scraped to obtain all records involving pangolins between 2010 and 2017, as well as a date the each trade instance is reported and the country that is involved. There are 8 pangolin species, and the shapes after each country represents the species that are native to there.